Sitting down with our lead designer / developer, “Junior” we asked him why he went with WordPress® for the redesign of our site.

ENAC: So, being in the industry, why did you decide on a CMS for our new site?

Junior: Hahah that is one I get asked a lot. “Hey you say you are a developer but you just threw together a WordPress® site!” Yeah I know, but it is simple, we are not getting paid to work on our own sites, so the goal here was to have the site up as quick as possible and have it functioning well. Why redesign the wheel?

Understandable. So on that note, what makes it easier to use a CMS rather than build from scratch?

Well the pieces are already in there for the back-end, I didn’t have to spend weeks writing hard code and I wont be spending months writing a custom CMS for normal user edibility.

User edibility? Please elaborate.

Umm…. well, non coders, I guess you could call it that, I was looking forward to scale-ability for the company, employee wise. WordPress® is a familiar platform, so further down the line, if / when new employees come aboard, I am not spending time hard coding what they need in, or teaching them a new CMS.

So the benefits are familiarity and ease of use? Are you worried that this may sway people away from using ENAC for their web and data needs?

Honestly, no. A lot of big players in the web world still use WordPress® and such for their needs, I mean look at Eric Meyer, he uses a simple WordPress® site and he is the main guy that the web goes to for front, albeit he probably gets away with it BECAUSE he is the man hahahaha. But no I am not worried. Our work speaks for itself and word of mouth, client relationships are better than a super fancy site with flying dragons hahahaha.

Thomas Flock Jr has 7+ years in the web development field. Certified in ORACLE, SQL, and MongoDB. His go to code is PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.

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