Gradum Ante Instructional Series

Today we are going to walk you through setting up a database with GoDaddy and getting wordpress up and running and hopefully you will think of using Gradum Ante for your next Greensboro Business website.

Sometimes getting a database set up and functioning is hard work, so we are going to give a quick run down on how to get one set up through GoDaddy. Assuming you have a GoDaddy hosting plan and know a bit around, first go into the root public_html folder and create a new folder. Then go into the cPanel or whatever hosting you have and go ahead and click on the MySQL databases and choose add a new database.

Adding a GoDaddy Database, Gradum Ante, Greensboro's rising web development.

After you have named and added your database, you have to add a user to the database (or create one). So click on Add User to database and then select what user and what database.

Adding a user to a godaddy database, Gradum Ante, Greensboro's rising web company

After that, a user privilege checklist will come up. Since this “user” is going to be WordPress® you will want to check all. That way you ensure that the WordPress® CMS will function correctly.

GoDaddy user Privledge. Gradum Ante, Greensboro's rising web company

Now, use an FTP or any other means to upload your WordPress files into the folder you created in the file manager. To make sure it is pointing in the right area, go under “Domains” and click add on domain, it will ask for the domain name, (URL) that you have purchased for this, and it will also have a select for a folder, choose the folder you created and added the WordPress® files to and click ok.

Pointing a domin to the correct folder. Gradum Ante, Greensboro's rising web company

After all this is said and done, go to your browser and navigate to your URL and you should get the WordPress® setup page, set up the wordpress as normal, BUT for the user and password, use the USER that you created for the database, and the password that was created for you. Leave the localhost as is as that is how GoDaddy labels their host as well.

Gradum Ante, Greensboro's rising web company

And there you go. This is how you set up a database in GoDaddy to run WordPress®

Questions and comments are welcomed below.