When you look at your overall I.T. picture, do you see a constant stream of “To Do’s”? Do you need a comprehensive I.T. strategic plan that addresses upgrades, technology transitions, capacity planning, and/or more efficient I.T. processes? Although these tasks may seem doable at first, most companies just don’t have the time, resources, or ability to keep pace with ever-changing technologies and the implementation of specific solutions, like a Server upgrade or other update.

Gradum Ante offers a range and perceptiveness of I.T. network consulting expertise that will ensure your IT plan is implemented correctly the first time and all the time. Gradum Ante’s I.T. Consulting Services consists of a comprehensive network assessment to take stock of your inventory and current environment and provide a smart, cost-effective I.T. systems recommendation based on your specific objectives.

Leverage our staff for a wide range of technical skills. They are certified in many of the latest technology solutions, and can provide resources that will keep your technical team up-to-speed. Let us be your I.T. Consulting Company and you’ll never have to worry about constantly managing your I.T. again.

At Gradum Ante, we don’t just sell hardware—we sell solutions. Our proprietary process empowers us to understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, we then not only help you implement best-in-class I.T. solutions, but we also support it. By maintaining state of the art policies, technicians and sales staff, we design, implement and provide ongoing service and support for the products we represent.

Your sites are set on taking your business to the next level. You need your I.T. systems, networks and security to get you there. From an in-depth needs analysis to hardware sales and technical training/support, Gradum Ante goes further than any other provider to ensure your I.T. success.

Gradum Ante can procure just about anything from workstations, servers, laptops, software, or network appliances and we can offer them to you at competitive pricing. We also offer on-site service for the repair or installation of said parts or systems. We can also update your business critical software and troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing. Our technicians work with the hardware and software vendors directly so you don’t have to.

Information Technologies:

  • Computer set-up & optimization
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Security and performance
  • Data recovery
  • Hardware & Software installation
  • Computer hardware repair
  • Network Server Design and Installation
  • Remote support

Gradum Ante provides 24×7 professional onsite services. Through the use of State-of-the-art remote support tools, we can also assist you in resolving issues remotely over the Internet within minutes rather than hours. Our onscreen assistance software allows us to bring a qualified technician right to your computer working alongside you just as they would in your home or office over a secure connection.
Network Services:

  • Engineering design analysis
  • QA testing and implementation
  • Development and execution of integration test plans for the Network Management
  • Control systems implementation
  • Provide users with network technical support
  • Systems security and control
  • Technical/program management
  • Develop, program, document, test and perform data analysis of complex software programs and information systems
  • Analyze management information requirements for major sections of client business needs
  • Support production application system operation
  • Analyze potential problems and take corrective action
  • Design and/or implement network installations. This encompasses all aspects of network installation, including design, budget estimates, and plans, inside/outside plant, post-install inspection, as-built drawings and test results
  • Operation of networking components such as switches, routers, hubs, bridges, and transport media (wire, fiber optic cable, and/or wireless), as well as operation of configuration and management software tools
  • Analyze and monitor network activity to ensure optimal network operation
  • Advise and train clients regarding networking technology issues